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Viewing profiles

Viewing an applicant’s resume while playing their video interview.

Viewing the video interview

If the applicant has completed a video interview, click the “Play video interview” button to view it. The video will begin playing on the left hand side and you can keep looking at their profile.

Click on the left and right buttons next to the question title to navigate the questions that have been presented to the applicant.

Rating an applicant

To rate an applicant, hover over the stars on the left hand side and click on one of them. To change your rating, simply click on the stars again.

All of your colleagues’ star ratings will be displayed and aggregated into a total score.

The star rating will also be shown in the applicants list and you can filter by it.

Approving, setting on hold and declining applicants

Once the applicant’s interview is finished, you can mark their state using the “Accept”“Hold” and “Decline” buttons, which will simply mark the applicants as accepted, being on hold, or rejected. You can use the status to keep track of who to follow up with, and to filter the applicants in the applicants list.

Viewing the resume

Viewing a resume.

Scroll down on the applicant’s profile to view their resume. If no resume has been uploaded, you can upload one right in their profile.

Download the resume

Clicking “Download” will download the resume file to your computer.

Replace the resume

Clicking “Replace” will replace the resume file once you have selected a new one.

Other documents

Uploading an other document.

Under “Other documents” you can upload a second resume file, addendums and other documents you wish to leave under the resume. They will generate the same kind of full-size preview so that everyone can view them while scrolling down the page.

To upload a new document, set a title, then click “Upload document”, and use the usual uploader dialog to select a file or drag and drop it.

Applicant settings

Under the cog menu on the top right, you can find several actions to affect the status of the applicant, edit and export their data and more.

You might not see some of them depending on the status of the applicant. For example, if they are not declined, you will not see the option to “Set as not declined”, as it would not affect anything in the profile.

Edit applicant

Clicking on this will start editing the applicant’s profile information:

  • School
  • Major
  • E-mail
  • City
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Skype ID
  • Timezone

Click “Save” to save your changes, or “Cancel” to stop editing.

To upload a new resume, use the “Replace” function next to the resume.

Export applicant as CSV

Clicking on this will export all the applicant’s profile information as CSV. The download will begin immediately.

Set as not declined

If the applicant has been marked as declined by either the system or a colleague, you can cancel the action by clicking this.

Reset video interview

Clicking this will remove the applicant’s current video interview and send them a request to complete a new one. Only use this if you are sure that you wish to remove the applicant’s video interview. Accepting the confirmation will instantly send the video interview request to the applicant.