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Getting started with the ATS

1. Create an account and verify your mobile number

Learn how to create your account and verify your mobile number for added security.

2. Upload your photo

Upload your photo so your co-workers can see you, and to help applicants you interview recognize you when you’re conducting face-to-face interviews.

3. Change your company’s info and invite colleagues

How to upload your logo and your public profile, and how to invite your colleagues into the system.

4. Create a job posting

Go through the job posting process; creating a job description, adding the interview process, screening questions and finally your video interview.

5. Publish your landing site and share your job

Add videos and images to your landing site and publish the job posting you just created. After that, you’ll learn how to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

6. Screen and control your applicants

How to view video interviews, take applicants through the interview process, how to leave interview notes and how to communicate with applicants through the system.