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Creating applicants manually

The applicant creation screen

Under “Create applicant” you can fill in a few details to manually create applicants in the system.

You can find the link to the view in the toolbar in your applicants listing.


The required fields are e-mail and name. Any other information you fill out is optional.

Job posting (required)

Under “Select a job opportunity”, pick a position. Once you’ve selected the position you can pick the interview stage that the applicant should be in.

Note: If you pick “Video interview” as the stage, a video interview invitation will be sent immediately to the applicant’s e-mail address.

Contact information (required)

Under “Contact information”, fill in the applicant’s contact information:

  • E-mail address — Required
  • First and last name — Required
  • Given and family name in Kanji — Optional
  • Phone number — Optional
  • Address — Optional

Work history (optional)

Add in the applicant’s optional work history; the companies they worked for, the positions they held and the timeline of their career.

Note: This section is only visible if you are adding an applicant to a Mid-career job posting.

Education (optional)

Under “Education” fill in the applicant’s optional school information.

  • School — Optional
  • Major — Optional
  • Graduation year and month — Optional

Resume (optional)

You can upload a DOC or PDF resume for the applicant.

Source (optional)

You can select a channel where you got the applicant from, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Job board, etc.