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Bulk actions

To perform bulk actions on applicants, click on “Select” in the applicants listing.

The view will enter the selection mode, where images of the applicants will be replaced with checkboxes.

Clicking on an applicant will select or deselect them.

Available actions

Stop selecting

Stops the selection process.

Select all

Selects all applicants in the view.

Set rating

Sets the star rating on all selected applicants.

Send e-mail

Pops out a form to send a bulk e-mail to all the selected applicants.

Set stage/status

Sets the applicants’ interview stage and status for that stage.

Extend video interview deadline

Extends the video interview deadline for the selected applicants and sends them an e-mail to conduct the interview. This does not affect declined applicants, applicants that are not in the video interview stage, or applicants whose video interview is already complete.


Exports the selected applicants as CSV.