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Company settings

View of the main company settings screen.

On the company settings page, you can control various things related to your company’s presence and notifications on Kaizen Recruit ATS. You can find it at “Settings” in the drop-down menu under your name in the header.

Note: You need to have the “Edit company info” permission in order to be able to edit these settings. If you do not have the permission, you will not see the menu option at all.

Your logo

One of the first things you should do is upload a logo for your company to be used across the system. It will be displayed, among other things:

  • On your landing site
  • On job postings
  • In video interviews

Click the “Upload” button to upload a new logo. You can drag and drop a file, click the uploader to select one from your computer, or use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive or Web search to locate a logo.

Click “Save” once you’re finished editing.

Logo guidelines

Follow these couple of hints when uploading your logo.

  1. Use a white or transparent background. It is important so that the logo matches design elements to end-users.
  2. Don’t use a logo that is very tall. Use a horizontal version of your logo if one is available.


Type in the city your company resides at. We use this for geolocating employers for applicants.

Company profile

Here you will fill in the information about your company that will be visible on your landing site to applicants. Click “Save” once you’re finished editing.

Company introduction

Type in an introduction for your company that will be used on your landing site and job postings. You can be brief and use a few paragraphs to give main points of interest about your business, and allow applicants to go to your website or social media accounts for more information.

Website address

Type in the full URL of your website like https://www.yourcompany.com. This will appear on your landing site.

Default timezone

Select the default timezone for your company and its users, if they do not select one themselves.

Facebook and Twitter

Fill these out to have links on your landing site point to your social media accounts. Use full addresses like https://www.facebook.com/yourcompany and https://twitter.com/yourcompany.