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E-mail notifications

View of the e-mail notification settings for your company.

Under the e-mail notifications tab on the company settings screen, you can control which of your users should get notifications via e-mail for events happening in the system.

Events include:

  • Applicants that were successfully screened by the system
  • Applicants that were automatically declined by the system
  • Video interview applicants being approved or declined by HR
  • Applicants wanting to extend their expired pre-recorded video interview deadline
  • Applicants finishing a video interview
  • Applicants confirming a scheduled person-to-person interview time
  • Applicants wanting to reschedule their person-to-person interview
  • Applicants being moved to another stage
  • Applicants being marked as hired

To use a notification, type in the e-mail address(es) of the users you wish to receive notifications. You can type in multiple addresses, separated by commas like this:

1jane.doe@yourcompany.com, john.doe@yourcompany.com