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Change your photo

When uploading a photo for the first time, you will see this.

Add a photo of yourself in the system to help your co-workers find you easier when scheduling interviews, and show your face to applicants when they confirm an interview to help them recognize you on face-to-face interviews.

Note: We will automatically detect and focus the center of the image on your face.

How to change your photo

Under “Your settings”, you can see “Your photo” on the right hand side.

  • Click “Upload a photo” to upload from your computer, or connect your Facebook or Instagram to select a photo through there.
Your photo shows up a few moments after uploading.

Uploading a photo

Clicking on the “Upload a photo” will pop up our uploader, which allows you to:

  • Drag and drop a photo
  • Click on the popup and select a photo to upload
  • Connect to Facebook or Instagram and upload a photo from there

The process is straightforward. Use one of the options to upload a photo and you will see it uploaded after a few moments.