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Viewing profiles

Viewing an applicant’s resume while playing their video interview.

Viewing the video interview

If the applicant has completed a video interview, click the “Play video interview” button to view it. The video will begin playing on the left hand side and you can keep looking at their profile.

Click on the left and right buttons next to the question title to navigate the questions that have been presented to the applicant.

Rating an applicant

To rate an applicant, hover over the stars on the left hand side and click on one of them. To change your rating, simply click on the stars again.

All of your colleagues’ star ratings will be displayed and aggregated into a total score.

The star rating will also be shown in the applicants list and you can filter by it.

Interview process and actions

Viewing the interview process on an applicant.

At the very top of the profile, you will see the applicant’s interview stage timeline.

Hover over the dots to see each stage – you can see the assigned interviewers that you can set under “Interview process and stages”.

Click on a dot to move the applicant to that stage immediately.

Note: If you don’t have customizable interview stages enabled in your contract, you will not see the stage timeline, and the only actions you will see are “Accept”“Hold” and “Decline”.

Moving an applicant to next interview stage

You will see the option to “Move to next stage” whenever an applicant has Completed their interview stage:

  • Completed screening (when there is no video interview)
  • Completed a video interview
  • A scheduled interview time has passed

This also corresponds to the “Completed” filter available in the applicants list. Click the button to advance the candidate forward in your interview process. See “Scheduling interviews” for more.

Declining an applicant

At each stage, you can decline the applicant by clicking “Decline applicant”. Not hearing back is one of the largest gripes that applicants have, so the system will pop out the e-mail sending dialog where your rejection template will be automatically loaded up. As usual, you can change the e-mail before sending.

You can cancel sending the e-mail if you wish to just mark the applicant as declined without sending them an e-mail. However, we strongly advise you to send the e-mail to let the applicant know, as it will reflect well on your company’s hiring practices to them in the future.

Standalone video interview applicants

For standalone video interview applicants, as they will not be attached to any job posting and therefore have no interview process, you will not see the stage timeline. The only actions you will see are “Accept”“Hold” and “Decline”, which will simply mark the applicants as accepted, being on hold, or rejected.

Applicant details and editing

Below the applicant’s actions you see their details that have been inserted into the system. If you are able to edit applicants, you can hover over each line and see the edit and remove icons.

Click the edit icon to edit the current field, and the remove icon to remove it. To quickly edit a field, double click the field and it will start editing immediately. Click away to cancel.

To add a new field to the profile, click “+ Add field”, type in the left column identifier and then the value for that column. Press enter or the check icon to save.

Viewing the resume

Viewing a resume.

Scroll down on the applicant’s profile to view their resume. If no resume has been uploaded, you can upload one right in their profile.

Download the resume

Clicking “Download” will download the resume file to your computer.

Replace the resume

Clicking “Replace” will replace the resume file once you have selected a new one.

Other documents

Uploading an other document.

Under “Other documents” you can upload a second resume file, addendums and other documents you wish to leave under the resume. They will generate the same kind of full-size preview so that everyone can view them while scrolling down the page.

To upload a new document, set a title, then click “Upload document”, and use the usual uploader dialog to select a file or drag and drop it.

Applicant settings

Under the cog menu on the top right, you can find several actions to affect the status of the applicant, edit and export their data and more.

You might not see some of them depending on the status of the applicant. For example, if they are not declined, you will not see the option to “Set as not declined”, as it would not affect anything in the profile.

Export applicant as CSV

Clicking on this will export all the applicant’s profile information as CSV. The download will begin immediately.

Set as withdrawn

If this applicant has contacted you that they wish to withdraw from the interview process, click this button to mark them as withdrawn. It is separate from declined in that you are not declining them an offer but wish to keep their profile for further reference in the future.

Set as not withdrawn

This cancels the above action and marks the applicant as being in the interview process once more.

Set as not declined

If the applicant has been marked as declined by either the system or a colleague, you can cancel the action by clicking this.

Move to job

You can move the applicant to a different job with this function. Select the position and the interview stage you wish to move them to, then click “OK”.

Reset video interview

Clicking this will remove the applicant’s current video interview and send them a request to complete a new one. Only use this if you are sure that you wish to remove the applicant’s video interview. Accepting the confirmation will instantly send the video interview request to the applicant.